What is Second Medical opinion?

A second medical opinion is an evaluation of your health by a doctor other than your current treating doctor. It involves an expert, who is not involved in your current treatment, reviewing your medical records and, if necessary, conducting a new clinical evaluation. He may provide more information about the disease or offer an alternative diagnosis or other treatment options.

Why should I ask for second medical opinion, what difference does it make?

If you are unsure of a medical diagnosis or appropriate treatment provided by your treating physician, ENAYA supports you with the services of a second medical opinion. To get another diagnosis, and therefore a second opinion, can spare you unnecessary treatment, and get it right the first time, just by checking again.

When should I consider one?

Whether you are facing a diagnosis of a rare disease, a complex surgery, had excessive treatment recommended or an invasive treatment plan, unsure about your diagnosis/treatment or when something doesn’t feel right, then you may want to consider getting a second opinion from another doctor.

How can I get it?

When you are considering obtaining a second medical opinion, please call the ENAYA/ Nextcare Customer Service toll free (800 ENAYA) (800436292)

Our highly qualified customer service team will direct you to the expert doctor for your medical condition from the list of DHA approved specialists.

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