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We have recruited and trained the best talents in the industry to attend to your needs. Reaching your Enaya Representative has never been easier, just dial our toll free and Nextcare will be there for you.

The Enaya program has adopted the use of the Emirates ID card instead of the conventional insurance card for citizens to register and take advantage of all the benefits of the program.

Healthcare at your fingertips

With Lumi, tap into policy benefits and a range of user-friendly digital health services. These services are designed for speed, simplicity, and to enhance convenience for you.

Now you can search for network providers, view your benefits, upload claims and track status of approvals.

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Electronic ID Enabled

Electronic ID Enabled

Provider search within network

Provider Search Within Network

View table of benefits

View Table of Benefits

Approval Status

phone in hand enaya mockup
phone in hand enaya mockup

Healthcare Simplified

Lumi app makes your healthcare journey simpler. You can:

  • View policy benefits and access your digital insurance card
  • Get quick health assessment with our A.I. based symptoms checker
  • Chat or connect instantly to a doctor using Telehealth
  • Search for a healthcare provider and book an appointment
  • Submit and track your medical claims
  • Get assistance instantly with our virtual assistant

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